Tuesday, April 16, 2013


As we try to settle down after the tragic events in Boston, one must ask the bomber(s), what was your point? What were you trying to say?

Did you intend to just scare people, or, did you really intend to kill an 8 year-old boy and two adults? Did you really intend to wound about 150 people with horrific injuries in some cases?

I guess the answer to those questions is yes, you did intend to do all of that. Police forensic investigators learned that your bomb was a “pressure cooker bomb,” designed to maim and kill.  It was filled with explosives, nails, tiny ball bearings and bb type of objects that would become flying shrapnel during the explosion.

Whether domestic or foreign, your acts were that of a terrorist. What had you so pissed off at people running and watching a marathon that you decided to act out your hate at that scene - the finish line? One might ask, WHAT THE FONGONUS IS WRONG WITH YOU?

However, all of that aside, there is one very disturbing aspect to your dastardly deed. The bomber is a coward. The bomber is afraid to confront real or perceived enemies on a first person basis, or “mano o mano.” You did not risk confronting police or military, who in most cases are quite capable of defending themselves. Instead, you chose innocent people who could not defend themselves. That action speaks volumes about your cowardice.

You might have had an exhilarating high from your terrible deed, but do not exult for too long. As you slink into the shadows, realize that the F.B.I. and other government agencies will be searching for you, hunting you. More likely than not, there are private citizens doing the same thing. Your days are numbered. Be prepared to die for your perceived cause.

You are a murdering coward, nothing less, nothing more, hiding in fear for your life. Whatever your point might have been; no matter what you wanted to try to say, your message is meaningless, lost to cowardice. You will not sleep well or rest well, worrying about the knock at your door, which is sure to happen, quite possibly sooner than you think.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A few days ago, a friend sent me an email with a photo of a vehicle with a bumper sticker plastered on the back end. The bumper sticker: 2016 Hillary Clinton Michelle Obama. I thought, wow...the 2016 POTUS campaign has already begun.

Then, the more I thought about it, I realized that could be a very powerful presidential ticket, and the Republicans will have to be very careful about selecting their candidates...

Whoever took that photo to send out by email and other sources, knowingly or unknowingly probably unleashed a karmic event.

For the past 45+ years, I have considered myself as a “Goldwater Republican,” meaning that I am moderately conservative and believe in a good budget with appropriate spending. However, I always vote for the person I believe can do the best job. For instance, I did not vote for Senator McCain and what’s her name.

The Republican Party, (The GOP - meaning the Grand Old Party), has to wake up and realize that they must represent and care about all of the people - not just the conservatives and not just the wealthy.

I believe that any adult male, such as Rand Paul, who makes the choice to wear his hair in a rat's nest configuration, cannot be taken seriously about anything. The voters of KY made a very big mistake by electing that embarrassing nit-wit. Although I should mention that a photo in news sources yesterday, (3/19), showed Rand Paul with a neater appearance to his rat’s nest.  More likely than not, someone got on his case about the rat's nest look not looking very presidential.

If nearly 50% of the CPAC attendees voted for Paul and Rubio, it means just one thing: the Republican Party is mired in a swamp of deep doo-doo. If the GOP entertains Santorum’s crude and draconian beliefs, whoever the Democrats pick will win the election.

Surely, the GOP must realize the value of teamwork in order to achieve goals. Like it or not, we are all in this mess together. It is not just President Obama’s fault – it is the silliness and incompetence of the U.S. Congress that is responsible for this mess. Lest we forget, it is "We, The People," who elect and reelect the members of both houses of the U.S. Congress.

The late cartoonist, Walt Kelly, depicted it best on Earth Day in 1971, when Pogo Possum said to Porkypine, "We have met the enemy and he is us." Here is a link to more information about that http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pogo_(comic_strip)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012



Many people have sent me emails asking me to make a comment about the coming election. Several weeks ago, I decided that I had "had it up to here" with all the political rhetoric, and asked people not to send me any more political emails until after the first of the year. However many people contacted me to ask that I write a blog comment about the coming election. So, here are a few comments...

During any election, the subject matter of gun ownership becomes an interesting subject. The U.S. Constitution addresses this issue. At the time of the "founding fathers," nearly all of them had a gun nearby so they could get to it real quick in case of need.

Jump forward to today, and there are zillions of guns of all sorts. Even convicted criminals can get their hands on guns - illegally of course, but do they really care? Do any of us need an AK-47? Probably not, yet I know several law abiding citizens who own an AK-47, and other "exotic" weaponry.

I think it might be fun to own one of those AK-47s, but I'm not sure I could afford all the ammo it would use during target practice at the range. Should all of us be licensed, and have a permit to carry a concealed weapon? Many people believe that is a good idea. Supposedly, there is less crime in areas where "open carry" is permitted.

If guns were outlawed, I believe that someone with mayhem in mind could use hedge clippers or a garden hoe. Meaning, a gun is convenient, but there are other methods that can be used to inflict bodily harm or death on another person.

I have been noticing blog comments at the various news sites, and how sooo many people are making comments about the "failures" of President Obama. They even have special names for him. You know what they are, so I will not repeat them in this comment. However, I believe that it is very disrespectful to refer to any President of the United States, (POTUS), by using those terms.

I am a Republican - one who does not follow Party politics. I have always voted for the candidate I believed could do a better job. (For example, I did not vote for Senator McCain and what's her name.)

I believe in honesty and accurate reporting. Surely, all of those people realize that most, if not all, of President Obama's "failures" have a direct connection to the Republican Party. Especially Republicans in the U.S. Congress. eh? Is it really a fact that Republicans have blocked most of the programs promised by and submitted by President Obama?

When is the last time you heard of a U.S. presidential candidate who had "offshore investments" for the explicit purpose of avoiding U.S. income taxes on the earnings generated by those investments?

When is the last time you heard of a U.S. presidential candidate who refuses to disclose 10 years of his income tax returns? What is he hiding? What is in those tax returns that Willard Romney does not want other people to see?

Paul Ryan wants to privatize Medicare... That could be disastrous. Meaning that as you reach the age of 65, there might not be a Medicare program to help oldsters who are not lucky enough to have a health insurance program. A "voucher program" would open the door to many medical services providers to say, "Sorry, but we do not accept those vouchers."

Being on Medicare myself, I have already experienced that comment dozens of times. It already is very difficult to find medical services providers who accept Medicare. (Supposedly, there is a lot of complicated paperwork involved with submitting a Medicare claim for payment.) Well, that sounds like the U.S. government needs to refine the claim/payment process, to make it easier. That way, more medical services providers would participate.

In addition to being a "draft dodger," (a religious deferment), Willard Romney is a "tax dodger." Well, some billionaires could be tax dodgers too, BUT, they mostly invest in tax-exempt U.S. treasury bills and bonds, thereby keeping most of their money in the U.S. My belief is that POTUS candidates should set a good example.

Another thing I believe is this: grey haired, or fat and balding, older men should not be trying to legislate what a woman can or cannot do with her body. The simple fact is, abortion is up to the woman and her God, not you, not me, not the U.S. Congress. (Some believe that if God did not want abortions to happen, they would not be possible.)

The Republican Party "platform" calls for an amendment to make abortion illegal - regardless of the circumstances surrounding the need. That is where the Republican Party and I say goodbye to each other.

By any chance, did you watch the Democratic National Convention on TV?

Former President Bill Clinton quietly and effectively, and without any malice, step by step, completely dismantled the Republican Party platform... (Ran it through a wood chipper, would be more like it.) It was one of the most riveting political speeches I have ever heard by any politician, regardless of Political Party, since 1964.

Clinton's speech did not put Romney & Ryan in a good light; and, his message was the truth. Nothing was made up.

Politics and religion aside, it left me wondering why anyone in their right mind would support Romney & Ryan...

It is true. The right wing conservative Christians hijacked the Republican Party instead of forming their own political party. Due to their very narrow views, and goals to control the lives of others, there is a schism taking place in the GOP. Knowing that, Barry Goldwater, (Mr. Conservative), would sit up in his coffin, change ends, and roll over five times before coming to rest on his right side.

The majority of people in the Republican Party need to wake up, and force the "good Christians" to form their own political party.

Filmmaker Michael Moore has said that everybody had better get used to saying "President Romney," because of the huge sums of money that many rich Republicans will be pouring into the Republican Party campaign funds. After Clinton's speech, I wouldn't bet on that - regardless of how many hundreds of millions the GOP supporters are willing to spend in their efforts to dump Mr. Obama.

Many people still cannot get over the fact that a "Black man," a person of mixed race, actually won election to POTUS. They are beside themselves with anxiety over the next four years, IF, Mr. Obama does win reelection. They are almost desperate, and will do almost anything to attempt the defeat of Mr. Obama.

The Republican Party does not understand a basic bottom line. Most of the voters are not stupid.

For me, the whole megillah comes down to one word: Veterans. I believe that Willard Romney has very narrow views about veterans. I am not the only person who has that concern. “A Romney presidency would be a disaster for veterans, as evidenced by whom he’s chosen to advise him,” says Patrick Bellon, executive director of Veterans for Common Sense, a veterans’ advocacy organization. “I think these choices should give all Americans pause. How can voters support a candidate who is showing so clearly that he learned nothing from Bush’s failures? It would be a mistake to trust people like James Nicholson who failed veterans in such epic fashion.”

President Obama has clearly demonstrated that he supports active military, veterans and their families.

Some of the Republican candidates are expressing some rather bizarre views and beliefs. Here are a few examples:

TODD AKIN, [Legitimate Rape], Congressional Candidate, Missouri.

PAUL BROUN, M.D., [Evolution is a lie], Congressional Candidate, Georgia.

CHARLIE FUQUA, [There should be capital Punishment for bad kids], State Legislature Candidate - Arkansas.

Those guys sound like "Good Christian" values in action; and, that they have some very impaired reasoning. Did you realize the earth was formed about 7,000 years ago?

So all of the campaign rhetoric comes down to one question, and only one question: Who are you going to vote for: the one who got rid of bin Laden or the one who wants to get rid of Big Bird??

The choice is yours to make, but only if you vote.  

Friday, August 24, 2012


“Bat Crap Crazy.” Now, there’s a term one does not see on TV news every day. A few nights ago, as I watched a news program, that was a topoic of discussion in reference to Mr. Todd “Torpedo” Akin, and his unusual views about reproduction and abortion.

Personally, I agree that Todd “Torpedo” Akin is Bat Crap Crazy, in part for his expressed views about reproduction and abortion, but mainly for his combover – quite possibly one of the world’s worst examples of a combover. I believe that any adult male who uses a combover to hide baldness, is, well, Bat Crap Crazy.

Todd "Torpedo" Akin, in just a few words, essentially torpedoed the Republican Party’s efforts to hide one of the Party’s platform planks – that being the Republican Party’s goal to restrict women’s rights. The Republicans want to make a constitutional amendment to make any type of abortion illegal, regardless of whether or not the pregnancy puts the woman at risk of death or serious health issues, regardless if rape or incest is involved. That is Bat Crap Crazy.

Where is it written that grey haired men should legislate what women can or cannot do with their body? How is it possible that MEN could dictate forced childbirth? Yet, that is likely to happen if Willard "Flip Flop" Romney and Paul "Coat Hanger" Ryan win the election. That would be Bat Crap Crazy.

Shortly after the election of Bill Clinton, rather than form their own political party, religious conservatives hijacked the Republican Party. They have an agenda to place women into a subservient role, with very few rights. Apparently, Willard “Flip Flop” Romney and his running mate, Paul “Coat Hanger” Ryan, agree with that goal of curbing women’s rights. Both of them are Bat Crap Crazy.

Taking away a woman’s right to an abortion, by making abortions illegal, would revive the “back alley, coat hanger clinics,” of many years ago, when many women died or had lingering medical issues as a result of improper medical care. Apparently, Romney and Ryan want to go back to those times, and, that is Bat Crap Crazy.

If it were up to Romney and Ryan, women would be pregnant during summer and barefoot during winter. That philosophy is Bat Crap Crazy.

In the next few days, Republicans will be gathering for their convention in Florida. There are two storms on the way. One is a tropical storm/hurricane named Isaac – a good name from Biblical days. It might be somewhat fitting if Isaac were to unleash high winds and heavy rains on the Republican gathering. The other storm is the Todd “Torpedo” Akin caused controversy that fully involves Willard “Flip Flop” Romney, and Paul “Coat Hanger” Ryan.

I have been a Republican since the first time I could vote – for Barry Goldwater. I am moderately conservative, believing there should be a balanced budget, deficit reduction and jobs creation. However, I believe in equal rights. If you do not like abortions, don't have one. If you do not like homosexuals, do not date people of your same sex. If you do not like tobacco or distilled spirits, do not smoke, chew, or drink.

With the exception of my brother and me, most of my family is Mormon, going back to 1853. My father was excommunicated from the LDS – and that was a great source of pride for him, because he believed the religion is a cult, and the followers are a bunch of morons. I believe there should not be religion in politics, unless the religion forms their own political party.

It is apparent that Willard “Flip Flop” Romney is a tax dodger – all done legally of course, but a tax dodger nonetheless. I do not recall any other presidential candidate aspirant who has had his money in “off shore” investments. Those investments are to avoid paying U.S. income taxes. I believe it sets a bad example. For me, tax dodger is on equal footing with draft doger.

As you know, “good Christians” are adept at telling everyone else how to run their life. One thing I have noticed within my own extended family – all of the Mormon women have been or are subservient. Apparently, that is a tenet of the Mormon faith. That is why such ideas come easily to Willard “Flip Flop” Romney, and, that of course is, Bat Crap Crazy.

So, I will not be voting for the Romney Ryan ticket, because to do so would be, Bat Crap Crazy.

Friday, July 13, 2012


While I am out doing errands, sometimes I like to stop for a snack. I usually get something where there is a drive through service. Bag in hand, I drive to a shady, quiet spot, to have some fries, a cheeseburger, and a coke without ice. Yesterday was no exception. As I was about to take a bite out of my hamburger, there was a very loud noise in the air. It was chanting of some sort, “BWAAA BWAAAA, HUPP, HUPP, CHUMMAA, CHUMULONGA, MEKKANODDDOO,” followed by the bleating of a what sounded like a horn or trumpet. I thought, “What The Fongonus is that?!!” Then there was more unwelcome noise, “BWAAA BWAAAA, CHUMULONGA, HUPP, HUPP, MEKKANODDDOO, BWAAA BWAAAA, CHUMULONGA, HUPP, HUPP, BOOLAPIPPA,” followed by another sour, off note, bleating of a horn. As I looked around the large, mostly empty parking lot, I spotted the source of this noisy, rude, distraction. It was a pickup truck, with oversized tires, parked next to the sidewalk and close to a very busy street. The pickup was the type where the door is about four feet off the ground, and where one would almost need a stepladder to get into it. More noise, “MOOGADINGA, BWAAA, HUPP, HUPP, BWAAAA, CHUMULONGA, HUPP, HUPP, MEKKANODDDOO, BWAAA, BWAAAA, CHUMULONGA, HUPP, HUPP, BOOPADOONGA,” followed by loud moaning, as if someone was in pain. Then, I saw a man pacing back and forth on the sidewalk. Close to him, there were two portable speaker stands, so he could amplify his ramblings. More bleating noise from a horn. “MALAKA, MALAKAAA, CRUNOO, HUPP, HUPP, LALALA, LALALAOOPAA, CRUNOODOO, HUPP,” and more bleating from the horn. It finally dawned on me that there were three younger men pacing back and forth on the sidewalk. The pickup truck had hand made signs. As it was time to leave, I drove closer to the noise. AhhHaa, it was a religious freak show. I wonder if it is politically correct to use the term “freak show.” There were three younger guys, (30’s), who must have had their springs wound real tight about Jesus. The pickup truck was plastered with religious slogans and Bible quotations. It made me think about the people who knock on my door, or ring my doorbell, even though there is a sign that says “NO SOLICITORS.” When I answer the door, and see them standing there, Bible in hand, I ask them if they saw the NO SOLICITORS sign. “Oh, we are not selling anything,” is the normal reply. “Well, if you are here to talk about religion, the Bible, Jesus, or politics, and I have never seen you before, you are soliciting.” Hearing, “CHUMULONGA, HUPP, HUPP, BOOPADOONGA, MALAKA, MALAKAAA, CRUNOO, HUPP, HUPP,” brought me back to the parking lot. Oh, I get it! This must be their version of "speaking in tongues!” These guys are definitely on a mission to try to convert others to their thinking and way of life. The only difference is, they are not knocking on doors, they are polluting the airwaves with their nonsense. There ought to be a law, maybe. Then I thought, WWJD… Yessss, what would Jesus do? Somehow, I get the idea that Jesus would not be wearing a black and silver uniform. Somehow, I get the idea that Jesus would not be driving around in an oversized pickup truck with gigantic tires. Somehow, I get the idea that Jesus would not be using portable loudspeakers to annoy people. I definitely get the idea that Jesus would not be speaking in tongues. On the other hand, it is 2012, and times have changed. Maybe Jesus would do all of that.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Who’s in charge at the IRS? That is a reasonable question, and it deserves a reasonable answer. I ask that question after looking at an email that is circulating. The email shows a newscast focusing on IRS abuse. The abuse that is happening, as I write this, is not what you might think. The abuse is from people using a certain format to claim deductions. Most notably, the people involved are of Hispanic descent, and for the most part, the "deductions" are living in Mexico. When I watched the video of the newscast, it made me very, very, angry. I hope it makes you angry too. Here is the link to the video of the newscast: http://www.wthr.com/video?clipId=7054149&autostart=true When I forwarded this to a friend, he replied with a common sense approach: All the IRS has to do is bar the use of an ITIN number. The use of that number in and of itself shows that an individual is working illegally in the U.S. My friend went on to say that although it sounds sort of funny to say this, it should be illegal to work illegally in the U.S. Presently, that activity is being sanctioned through the IRS, via the ITIN. If whoever supervises the activities of the IRS revokes the ITIN, an illegal immigrant would not be able to claim those tax deductions. We need to cut the ITIN outflow of federal dollars to the relatives and friends of people who are working illegally, and then try to recoup those dollars. This would look like a "Three Stooges" episode, if it were not so serious.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hmmm… With all the civil unrest on “May Day” – May 1, 2012, it’s a wonder that no innocent people were killed. Many people were seriously injured though, by rioters throwing rocks, bricks and pipes. It seems to me that if you are really, really, really, pissed about some real or imagined thing “society” has done to you, there might be better ways to deal with it other than trashing banks, smashing retail store windows and vandalizing vehicles parked at the curb. Meanwhile, while all of this is happening, most police departments stand by, probably under orders not to do anything, unless they are getting attacked by the mob. In most cases, the so–called protestors outnumbered the police. However, the police did have batons, pepper spray, and they did have weapons. In the Seattle papers, and on various web news sources, there were photos of some of the rioters in San Francisco, and in downtown Seattle. Some of the photos showed four or five of the hooligans dressed in black, wearing masks, as they smashed windows. It is very important to note that the rioters in San Francisco wore similar clothing as that worn by the hooligans in Seattle. That is a hint of an organized event. They were “wearing their colors.” This was “organized crime” in the true sense of the term. One of the photo captions: "Protesters break windows on downtown businesses..." That prompted me to ask, shouldn’t that be “Black-clad looters and hooligans break windows on downtown businesses”...? Isn’t there a “looting law” in the states of Washington, or California? One that allows police or the National Guard to shoot looters? As a former retail store owner, I know that glass is VERY EXPENSIVE for commercial spaces. It irritates me that the looters and hooligans think that it is OK to smash windows on businesses and vehicles parked at the curb. It really irritates me to see that the S.F.P.D. and S.P.D. were virtually helpless and powerless to take any meaningful action. I do not mind people protesting something – peacefully – but not when it results in looting and hooliganism, resulting in smashed windows and valdalized vehicles... More likely than not, if this had happened in a major city in China, all of the window smashers would be dead, shot by the police. I can’t help but think that a .357 hollowpoint slug to the torso would have reduced the enthusiasm, just a tad, of each of the window smashing hooligans in San Francisco or Seattle.